5 Ways to Encourage Diverse Reading at Home

  • Model Diverse Reading. Be on the lookout for books that show diversity when choosing books you read. Read at home where your kids can see you. Talk about what you’re reading, and express your enjoyment.
  • Take Them to the Local Library. Help them get their own library card. Ask librarians to tell them about different resources for diverse books, and visit the “youth” section of the library which has books just for them.
  • Allow Them to Choose Their Books. Kids and teens are more likely to read books that interest them. Help them find books on a topic or hobby that interests them or give them some time on their own to explore the library and/or bookstore.
  • Keep Diverse Reading Material Around. Reading materials don’t
     have to be new or expensive. You often can find good books and magazines at yard or library sales. Stock the bathroom, car, dining table–wherever there’s a captive audience.
  • Support Diverse Books and Authors. Buy/check out diverse books! Your support of authors, illustrators, and publishers who bring diverse books to the marketplace will drive up demand resulting in more diverse books being published. Visit the DRB suggested book lists for ideas.

Ruth Sims Bishop on Why We Need Diverse Books

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