We Need Guest Readers!

Local parents, grandparents, professionals, community and faith leaders, and government officials are invited to participate as a Guest Readers for Diversity Rocks the Book 2019. Guest readers visit local preschool and elementary classrooms during the month of March, sharing one of the DRB selected books and talking with the students. Interested individuals can register online at the link below and indicate their availability.

Go HERE to Register to be a Guest Reader

City teachers can use our booking platform to schedule a guest reader.

Go HERE to Schedule a Guest Reader for your Classroom

Help for Guest Readers

If you’re new to visiting a classroom or haven’t done it in a while, don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Below are some helpful pointers and a video developed just for you.

More Read Aloud Tips

This 3 minute video by our own Erin Davison, Herrick District Library, offers great pointers on reading to a classroom!

Even More Read Aloud Tips

  • Preview the book before you read it so you can anticipate questions or reactions.
  • This also helps you consider questions you might want to ask during the reading
  • Introduce the book to the group. Point out the title and the author. Point out the cover and back art. What do you think this book might be about?
  • Read with expression. Don’t read too fast. Vary your pace to pause for emphasis.
  • Explain vocabulary that might be unfamiliar to younger children.
  • Encourage interaction with the book. “Why do you think the character said that?” “How do you think that character feels?” “How would you feel if this happened to you?”
  • Encourage predictions. “What do you think will happen next?” Honor all responses not just the “correct” answers. Say things like “That’s a possibility. Let’s see what the author thinks.” Or “That’s an interesting idea. How did you think of that?”
  • Leave time at the end for open ended questions. What did they like or dislike about the book?

2018 Guest Readers in Action